Music from THE BATTLES

WHISPERS LIES AND INSINUATIONS Leonardo Da Vinci is outraged at the rumors swirling around Florence, rumors that could threaten his livelihood and his freedom.

WHAT IS LOST Leonardo Da Vinci has just had his world rocked, having made a decision that he fears will have an horrible impact. His assistant Salai faces similar fears. Neither is aware of the other’s condition.

HELLO LUCIO Salai is in a tavern telling the drunken customers about how Leonardo is spending the evening eviscerating corpses in order to map the human body (in this case, particularly the intestinal tract). As Salai describes the work, the scene comes to life before the drunks. They are fascinated yet repulsed, and then, about midway through the song, frightened out of their minds when the corpse begins to sing along.

THE MAN INSIDE Michelangelo confronts the 16-foot block of marble that will become The David.

MY BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTION Leonardo Da Vinci stands on one side of a closed door, too scared to tell the person he loves how he feels. On the other side, that person, his handsome assistant, stands alone in the darkness, believing Leonardo’s distance means he no longer cares for him.